Three Lovers

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Alexis Adams and Kirsten Lee are enjoying the morning after of a night of lesbian loving. Kirsten wants to keep the party going, and as she leans forward to give Alexis a sweet kiss she finds that her blonde lover a willing partner. It’s not long before Kirsten has peeled off all of Alexis’s clothes. The doorbell rings, interrupting them, and by the time Kirsten returns with Brad Sterling in tow Alexis has put her shirt back on. Strutting back to Alexis’s side, Kirsten engages in some seductive foreplay where the girls make out while Brad watches. They take things to the bedroom where Brad watches Kirsten get Alexis mostly naked before joining in on the fun. The moment Brad whips his stiffie out, the two girls can’t help but drop to their knees to sample his fuck stick. Alexis and Kirsten both suck and slurp in tandem for a while, but soon Kirsten decides to mix things up by leaving Brad’s hardon for Alexis to enjoy on her own. Meanwhile, Kirsten moves behind Alexis and buries her face and fingers in the blonde’s snatch. Wanting to continue her pussy feast even after the trio switches positions, Kirsten lays on her back and urges Alexis to sit on her face. Brad is happy to take the chance to slide deep into Kirsten’s greedy fuck hole, a position that leaves him able to simultaneously play with Alexis’s big jiggling knockers. When it’s Alexis’s turn to take Brad’s hard cock, she gets on her hands and knees for a doggy style fuck, which leaves her free to feast on Kirsten’s soft slit. Next up Brad takes his turn laying on the bed while the girls have their way with him. Kirsten gets to go for a stiffie ride, while Alexis dominates Brad’s mouth with her juicy folds. The girls only let up after they have each glimpsed paradise, whereupon they arrange themselves so that Alexis is on her back with her tits pushed together while Kirsten jerks Brad off the last little bit. Once he covers Alexis’s breasts with the sweet evidence of his desire, Kirsten laps away at the hot cum and then snowballs her treat with Alexis.

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Sexy Seductress

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Sean was given strict orders to build a coffee table for his father, so he decided to take his new girlfriend Kirsten Lee for the ride. After lugging the huge piece of furniture, Sean leaves Kirsten in the living room to her own devices while he looks for a tool. Jamie Valentine, Sean’s stepmother saw this as the perfect time to strike and seduce Kirsten while Sean was away. By the time Sean arrives, Jamie is fingering Kirsten’s juicy pussy hole, and to Sean’s delight!

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Virgin Lessons

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Kirsten Lee is supposed to have sex with her boyfriend for the very first time, and she couldn’t be more nervous. So her friend suggests she’d borrow some of her mom’s lingerie to make her feel more confident. Kirsten is trying on some sheer black stockings and a matching garter belt when Mr. Lee walks in and gives her ass a slap, thinking it belongs to his wife. When he realizes he just spanked his teenage daughter’s friend, he couldn’t be more embarrassed. Kirsten is embarrassed too, but she needs Mr. Lee’s help. She begs the older man to teach her how to fuck. Will he be able to resist?

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Gorgeous Real Estate Agent Fucks her Client

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Stunning Kirsten Lee is a real estate agent with a secret attraction to one of her biggest clients, Mr Brown. After a lot of discussions, she has finally sold him the house she has been trying to for some time. It’s time to celebrate, and over a glass of champagne by the pool, the pressure is off, and they can finally admit to the attraction between them. It doesn’t take him long to take advantage of the situation and they are soon kissing passionately, yearning for each other in a way they never thought possible.

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On The Rise

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We got ourselves a really hot video of this hottie Kirsten Lee hanging out on the beach with her man who did not want to get in the water. She was bouncing all over the place wanting to have some fun. He convinced her to go home where they really started having some fun. Kirsten is an expert cock sucker and was not at all shy to show off her skills. After jamming his cock down for a good while, she was ready to get a pounding. Don’t miss out as this hottie gets nailed in the bathroom, then on the floor, and back to the tub for a huge load of nut to the face!

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Lubing The Tube

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Adrian Maya and Tony held it down at his buddy’s car shop. His buddy told them all kinds of hotties come in because there is a college down the street. He also added if we didn’t get a good show, he would pay us. We are all about money, especially when we are getting it. That was the case though because this car shop was hot. The college girls rolled in. We got to see some huge tits and nice size mouthfuls. One girl sucked her man off in the back of the tow yard for some quick cash and a free oil change. Adrian even got a tittie play time. Towards the end of the day we scored big with Kirsten Lee. Her car was fucked, so we got her to fuck. She made out like a bandit though. Tony slid her car in front of all the other work because she let him slide his big dick into her perfect pussy. They fucked right in the front office and made sure her fluids were topped off!

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Hottie is Fresh Outta Jail and DTF

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Fresh out of a jail, Kirsten Lee is horny as fuck and she’s craving her driver’s dick. Dude can’t believe the nasty things that are coming out of her mouth, but this freaky chick proves she’s serious when she masturbates in the back seat of his car.

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Fit Brunette Girl Loves Black Dick

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Kirsten Lee is a physical therapist. She likes to keep things professional, but she’s finding that hard when it comes to one particular client, a retired sportsman who has come to her for some treatment. She thinks about him all the time, fantasizing about all the things she would love him to do to her. One session, when she’s treating him, she drops her guard and starts to work on parts of him that would usually be strictly out of bounds. He wants her as much as she wants him, and as the temperature rises, she allows herself to be completely unprofessional. This session is about to take a turn, leading her to experience her most sensual sexual pleasures!

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Eat The Meat

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Kirsten Lee came knocking on the door. Her slim frame looked delightful. Her sexy face and fuck-me eyes were very welcome at our house. Kirsten is one horny girl! She stripped down and had her fingers all over her pussy with the quickness. While she pleasured herself, she told us how much she liked being a naughty girl. Robby asked if she liked sucking dick. She instantly said yes and crawled over to get up close and real personal with his cock. She took it deep and hard. After a nice pleasurable face-fucking, she spread her lovely legs. Robby fucked her good. As she gazed into the camera, we could see how satisfied she felt. Kirsten got a face full of the man fiesta and made sure she smeared it all over for an even coat.

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